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CougarCopies offers scanning in color or black and white.  Just stop by our store on the CUB ground floor.  Your document will be scanned and then delivered to email or USB device.

Please provide us with your best quality copy available in 8 ½ x 11.  Black ink reproduces well, but light pencil and light blue ink can be a problem.

We specialize in large or complex scan projects at our Cooper Building location.  If you have a large number of pages, hand placement is required, or multiple files requested, we can quickly assemble your project for you.  Our production equipment scans both sides of the document at the same time.  We typically charge by the time required, so ask us for an estimate.



Copyright information

Verify that copies you make comply with copyright laws.

Request a quote

Need a verbal or written quote for your personal or departmental print/copy job? We’d love to help, email or call us with the job specifications and we’ll get you the information you need.

Phone: 509-335-1647